NCLEX RN Remediation

Course Objective

To offer a concise, Florida Board of Nursing approved remediation course, preparing nurses for NCLEX-RN success, improving clinical skills, and supporting professional development. Our course comprise 80 didactic/theory hours and 96 clinical hours, addressing NCLEX-RN Test Plan client needs areas: Medical-Surgical, Pharmacology, Maternal-Newborn, Pediatrics, Psychiatric, Test-taking strategies, and NCLEX-style Practice exams. Virtual simulation and bedside experiences cover acute care, long term care, and community settings.

Our course, facilitated by lively enthusiastic nurse educators, covers all 8-Client Need areas, 40+ hours of online instruction. It includes access to pre and post RN NCLEX benchmark exams, along with 16,000+ NCLEX-style practice questions featuring thorough rationales and remediation tools. In addition, our course provides exposure to live and virtual patient interactions for enhanced critical thinking and employs creative resources for simplified core content.

Dedicated support is integral throughout the course and beyond. Our commitment is to equip nurses for NCLEX-RN success, refine clinical skills, and aid ongoing professional development on their career journey.

NCLEX LPN Remediation

Course Objective

To embark on vital topics such as Medical-Surgical, Pharmacology, Maternal-Newborn, Pediatrics, Psychiatric nursing, and NCLEX-style exams. Benefit from 80 didactic/theory hours and 96 clinical hours in acute care, long-term care, or community settings.

NurseEd101 provides an engaging learning environment with 40 hours of live online sessions with our enthusiastic nurse educators. They’ll review the 8-Client Need areas outlined in the NCLEX-RN Test Plan. You’ll access pre/post RN NCLEX benchmark, 16,000+ practice questions, and hands-on experience with real and virtual patients. These experiences will enhance your critical thinking skills.

Our LPN Remediation courses provides creative resources to simplify complex subject areas, ensuring that you grasp the core content effectively. Additionally, our dedicated team of educators and support staff are there for you every step of the way, providing assistance throughout the course and beyond.

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your nursing career and confidently prepare for success. Enroll in Nurse Ed 101’s LPN Remediation course and unlock your full potential as a healthcare professional.


 1. Postgraduates of a RN/LPN program who have failed the NCLEX three consecutive times.


2. Licensure Endorsement applicants: Applicants who do not hold an active license or have not practiced in the past five years.

3. Applicants who passed the NCLEX more than 5 years ago and were not issued a license.


4. Students must possess a core foundation of Fundamentals, Pathophysiology and Medical-Surgical Nursing. This course builds upon the students foundation but will not extensively review each area. The student is expected to follow the recommended study calendar and proposed readings to further enhance their knowledge and understanding in those key areas.

* We offer a “Medical-Surgical Nursing Systems Review” separately for students who need a deeper dive. 


Enrollment steps

  • Determine which course start date you are interested in. Request the corresponding syllabus at Info@NurseEd101.com. 
  • Review course syllabus in its entirety and clarify any questions via email at Info@NurseEd101.com or phone at 863.797.4844
  • Pay course fees in full or 50% down payment before first day that cohort starts. Remainder 50% payment is due by specified date on student commitment form. If remainder payment is not received by specified date on student commitment form, applicant will not be able to begin clinical portion of course.
  • Upon receipt of payment, applicant will receive an email with additional information which will include next steps to complete a Pre-Comprehensive Benchmark practice NCLEX exam. (Results are used to assist in meeting applicants specific remediation needs).
  • Applicants will receive an email with virtual meeting links and access to their personal Q-bank with over 16,000+ NCLEX style questions and resources.
  • Applicants will also need to submit the requested clinical documents by completion of week 2 (See syllabus for complete list of clinical documents needed for the live clinical portion). Clinical schedule will be provided  by instructor.



  • Didactic/Theory Portion: Applicants are required to pass all quizzes/exams/assignments, as outlined in the syllabus, with a cumulative score of a 75% and/or a mastery Level 6 on all Pass point assignments.
  • Clinical Portion: Applicants are to expected to attend all assigned clinical trainings and submit all assignments as outlined in the course syllabus Pass/Fail.


  • RN Remediation (Failed NCLEX three consecutive times) $2625.00 $2450.00
  • RN Remediation (Licensure Endorsement/ Refresher) $2625.00 $2450.00
  • LPN Remediation (Failed NCLEX three consecutive times) $2625.00 $2250.00
  • LPN Remediation (Licensure Endorsement/ Refresher) $2625.00 $2250.00