NCLEX Review


Course Objective

To provide an intensive, virtual NCLEX review course that prepares RN candidates for success on the NCLEX exam. The focus on in-depth content review, test-taking strategies, and practice exams.

Our NCLEX review courses are aligned with the National Council of State Board of Nursing (NCSBN) current NCLEX test plan. Our course places a spotlight on the 8-Client Need areas, ensuring a through and targeted preparation. Engage with our experienced nursing instructors live, offering 40+ online hours covering crucial content areas such as, Medical-Surgical, Pharmacology, Maternal-Newborn, Pediatrics & Psychiatric content areas. The emphasis is not only on knowledge acquisition but also on proven strategies to approach diverse question formats with confidence.

Access essential resources, including pre- and post-RN NCLEX benchmark exam, 16,000+ NCLEX-style practice questions with detailed rationales and remediation tools. Creative resources are embedded to simplify core content subject areas, making learning more accessible and enjoyable. 

Beyond the digital classroom, our dedicated support team is committed to guiding you through every step of the course and beyond. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and intensive review  that not only equips RN candidates for NCLEX success but also propel their nursing careers to new heights. Enroll today and take the first step with confidence in your professional aspirations in the nursing field.

lpn NCLEX Review

Course Objective

Embark on a 10-week virtual NCLEX review tailored for LPN candidates, emphasizing in core content review, test-taking strategies, and practice exams.

Our LPN NCLEX review course aligns with the National Council of State Board of Nursing (NCSBN) current NCLEX test plan, diving into key content areas like Medical-Surgical, Pharmacology, Maternal-Newborn, Pediatrics & Psychiatric. 

Our enthusiastic nursing instructors will guide you through 40+ online hours, focusing on proven test-taking strategies for success.

In addition, you’ll have access to pre- and post-RN NCLEX benchmark exam, 16,000+ NCLEX-style practice questions and creative resources to simplify core content. We are committed to provide dedicated support throughout the course and beyond, with a team of experts ready to assist.

The goal is to provide a comprehensive, intensive review priming LPN candidates for NCLEX triumph, emphasizing on content review, test-taking strategies, and practice exams. We designed our course to push LPN candidates towards professional goals and nursing career advancement. Because we recognize the importance of a specialized LPN course, we ensure each student receives the resources and support they need for NCLEX success. Enroll now and confidently initiate your journey toward professional success in the nursing field. 

Med-surg systems

Course Objective

Our Med-Surg Systems Review offers a comprehensive exploration of critical medical-surgical nursing areas. It delves into cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, neurologic, musculoskeletal, endocrine, hematologic, and immune systems. Each system undergoes meticulous dissection, ensuring easy understanding of complex content as well as retention through hybrid teaching methods.

We emphasize not only in knowledge acquisition but also in real-live application. Experience concise yet detailed explanations enriched with  visuals, interactive quizzes, and case studies. These elements reinforce understanding and practical application.

Whether you’re a nursing student preparing for your exams, a recent graduate consolidating knowledge, or an experienced healthcare professional looking for a refresher, our Med-Surg Systems Review is your ultimate resource. It empowers your Med-Surg journey, refines critical thinking, while boosting your confidence in delivering high-quality patient care.

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive Med-Surg Systems Review to elevate your medical-surgical nursing knowledge. Continue your path to becoming a more confident, competent, and compassionate healthcare professional today. Unlock your Med-Surgery mastery with our courses and guidance.


Pre & Post graduates who desire additional support and review of nursing theory along with integration and practice of proven test taking strategies in a supportive nurturing setting.

Enrollment steps

  • Request course syllabus at info@nurseed101.com
  • Pay course fees in full via our convenient payment methods.
  • Once payment is received, applicant will receive an email with additional information which includes steps to complete a Pre-Comprehensive Benchmark practice exam. (NCLEX review only).
  • Applicants (NCLEX review only) will also receive virtual meeting links and access codes to RN/LPN NCLEX test bank with over 16,000 NCLEX (NGN) style practice questions!


  • NCLEX-RN Review 10-week (online) $1800.00 $1500.00
  • NCLEX-LPN Review 10-week (online) $1800.00 $1500.00
  • Med-Surg Systems Review  8-week (online/self-paced) $1499.00 $950.00